New Shooters

The Shiloh Tactical Shooting Club runs a cold range.  Guns are only allowed to be loaded on the line under the direct supervision of a Safety Officer.  You may handle and unload your weapon only in an approved "Safe" area or under the direct supervision of a Safety Officer.  Magazines may be loaded with ammunition in any area, except the designated "Safe" areas.

If you have any doubts, ask!  There are no stupid questions when it comes to safety.

Per the International Defensive Pistol Association rules, a new shooter is allowed to shoot one match without joining the IDPA.  Aftewards, you are required to join the IDPA.  Once the IDPA receives your application, you will be sent your membership card, a copy of the official rulebook, and an IDPA cap.

Shiloh Tactical Shooting Club always welcomes new, safe shooters to join our matches. We do, however, ask the following:

  1. The new shooter should  be knowledgeable about the proper and safe use of their weapon.
  2. The new shooter should meet the criteria in the section listed above.
  3. The new shooter should bring his or her weapon UNLOADED either secured in a holster or a gun bag of some type (hard sided cases or backpacks are acceptable as well).
  4. The new shooter should arrive at the range (Shiloh Indoor Shooting Range for weekly, or The Impact Zone for monthly) at least 30 minutes before match start for new shooter orientation or have made prior arrangements with the match director.  (If you have attended a new shooter orientation at another club, you do not need to attend one with us, but please identify yourself at sign in so we can go over the range specific rules.)
  5. Please read the "What should I bring" section that follows.

What should I bring to my first IDPA match?

  1. Your weapon (9mm or larger if shooting semi auto, 38 or larger for revolvers)
  2. A minimum of 3 Magazines for Semi Auto’s, 3 Speed Loaders for Revolvers
  3. A good holster either Belt, Paddle, or “In the Waistband” type.  (A nylon clip on or belt holster will work for your first time, but you will want a better one if you decided to continue shooting IDPA competitions.)
  4. A magazine or speed loader holder capable of being placed on a belt either by clipping on or going through the belt.
  5. Ear and Eye Protection (most indoor ranges require earmuffs and normally will provide them at little or no cost)
  6. Ammunition (100 rounds for a typical week night shoot, 150-200 rounds for a longer weekend shoot; you can never have “too much” ammo!)
  7. Comfortable shoes (we do a lot of standing around).
  8. Some type of containment for your gear; a range bag, small duffle bag or backpack will work fine.
  9. A safe minded attitude and be ready to have a lot of fun!

If you do not have some of the above items, you may wish to ask someone who shoots IDPA, or consult the IDPA rulebook at before you purchase any items as there are rules concerning what can be used in competition. 

A concealment garment is not required for your first match.  In fact, concealment is generally discouraged for a first timer.

If you enjoy your first match, you must join the IDPA prior to shooting your next match.  Ask your club representative how to join or go to and join on line.  Membership is only $40.00 per year.

SAFETY is the number one rule of IDPA.  If you do not want to follow the safety rules, or listen to the safety officers, then IDPA is not for you!

Safety officer new shooter orientation:

If you are a safety officer who will be giving a new shooter orientation, please use this document as a guide for what information new shooters need.


Download it here

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